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Do you want your kids to be good at Maths?
If they are already good do you want them to be great?
Most professions out there require a sufficient standard of Maths and often kids lose out at the early stages in schools for whatever reason. Without additional help, the kids continue to struggle or simply muddle along.
The ChiliPopcorn method is tried and tested to guarantee step changes in your kids’ Maths, no matter what level they’re at.
For each topic, we ensure that kids get sufficient exercises to master it – we assess their levels of speed and accuracy to determine if they are ready for the next step. Following this steady and structured approach, we ensure that each step is fully mastered, and that the kids’ progress is built on a solid base.
And as parents, you will get regular updates on the achievements of your kids. We will support multiple media platforms, smart-phones, tablets and computers to provide a seamless service.
In our experience, when kids are great at Maths, they also develop self confidence as they achieve great marks. This in turn boosts performance in other subjects, even those unrelated to Maths – simply by being good at Maths!
Having achieved outstanding results with our own kids, we want to share this method with as many people as possible - our vision is to see every child perform at his or her best potential – and we invite you to help us crystallise this vision!

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