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About Chilimaths

Why choose Chilimaths’ Online Tutorials?
We at Chilimaths strongly believe in the power of education to liberate children and deliver mathematics confidence through learning. With our background careers in international finance, we understand that competence in Maths is fundamental in accessing numerous opportunities around the world. Equally importantly, we appreciate the beauty of Maths and strive for our students to share this passion.

With over 100,000 questions, is the only product that offers children (with what is known in educational circles as) Maths Mastery.

Whilst other online products do offer some of our features, none instil this maths mastery as comprehensively as our carefully structured worksheet exercises. Our product is novel, our prices competitive and our passion for education unmatched. Untap your child’s potential.

- Our online maths video tutorials are free and available to watch at your pace, anytime, anywhere. These can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or here
- Daily worksheets with 30 to 60 questions – the only way to truly consolidate learning – free in the current beta version
- Carefully selected questions are easy at first and slowly build up in complexity, guiding the student to progress with confidence
- Instant check of speed and accuracy after each completed worksheet
- Instant daily report for parents or guardians with results
- All exercises completed online, all necessary resources provided online – no need to step outside the comfort of your home
- Soon to come will be 24 x 7 dedicated tutor support and a multiple language version

Beta testing

We have successfully completed a pilot test and are now putting the finishing touches, expected to take no more than three months. License to Chilimaths during this time will be free. If you wish to start using Chilimaths now then contact us via the Contact page or drop us an email at and we will send you the login details.

Final release

If you are keen to join the final tested version then sign up for free updates in the section provided and we will keep you posted.

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